2022 was outstanding for EMPIT

More than 1,000 km of pipelines have been inspected | More than 50% team growth | More than simple inspection

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Pipeline expert gathering in Bochum to discuss the future of energy networks

Accelerated energy sector development calls for a new strategy of pipeline network reconstruction to accomodate new energy carriers such as Hydrogen (H2)

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Air-based pipeline survey in cultivated fields

Traditional surveying offices can only start their job after the harvest - with the airborne CMI drone system surveying can be done 365 days a year.

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In-Service Inspection made possible with CMI

Our periodic inspection services for your buried unpiggable pipelines help you prevent incidents and avoid environmental risks.

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Introducing the world's most precise mapping equipment - The Current Mapper 2.0

Game changing innovation for high-tech pipeline surveying. Learn how CMI's new handheld generation takes your pipeline documentation to the next level of accuracy.

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EMPIT - one of the Top 5 finalists in a race for the Innovation Award at the PPIM Conference and Exhibition

EMPIT participates in this year`s Pipeline and Integrity Management (PPIM) Conference and Exhibition and has been nominated for the Innovation Award.

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CMI-inspection inside a nuclear power plant

CMI ensures the long-term safe operation of a nuclear power plant

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How to detect geometric anomalies with CMI?

Learn how it is it technically possible to detect dents, buckles or wrinkles with CMI.

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EMPIT GmbH Hamburg is growing

Our team in Hamburg is growing steadily and welcomes three new experts from the fields of Data Science and Marketing.

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It’s for a reason that we are amongst Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Because our mission is to overcome these inspection challenges and, together with our clients, continuously improve the safety and reliability of all pipelines.