EMPIT has developed a solution to overcome the challenges of aging water infrastructure, unknown pipeline wall condition, and uncertainty of exact geolocation.

Water is one of those necessities without which we cannot imagine our day to day lives. Over the years complex water networks have made it highly accessible by bringing it straight to our doorstep and making us take it for granted up until the first water outages. The age, the design and materials of these networks have made it highly difficult to keep a close look on their integrity state and prevent water supply disruptions. Up until now there has not been an appropriate method which would be able to satisfy all of the historic parameters of water networks and present a viable solution to the Water Industry.

Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI) has been designed to tackle large and complex water pipeline networks, be it in the city or in the fields, be it made of steel, grey or ductile iron, be it coated or not. CMI is a highly productive and efficient method which provides a comprehensive integrity overview for entire networks.

EMPIT has worked hard to develop a comprehensive set of assessments that can provide water operators with the answers they seek. Many of our water industry clients have received a foundation for their asset management strategy that positively contributes to budgeting and efficient construction planning.

»With CMI, our clients in the water industry can finally plan their asset management strategy not only based on empirical data and a good sense of gut feeling, but on pure integrity data and results.«

Mark Glinka | EMPIT

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