EMPIT offers a solution to map and inspect all buried unpiggable pipelines from the earth's surface.

Nearly 50% of today's oil and gas pipeline network are considered being unpiggable. This is due to many different reasons such as multi-diameter lines or sharp bends. Operators in the world are facing the challenge to search for an inspection tool that is capable of inspecting their underground pipelines. The goal is to obtain accurate information about pipeline integrity, pipeline stress, and potential locations where an In-Line Inspection (ILI) tool would get stuck.

Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI) has been developed by EMPIT and is capable to overcome all challenges that operators are facing with their unpiggables. CMI being a method that does not require direct access to or into the pipeline and therefore is not depended on the pipeline's geometry is an industry game changer. Since EMPIT's establishment in 2015, several 1,000 kilometers of unpiggable pipelines have been inspected worldwide for operators large and small.

»CMI is considered the first method on the market that truly addresses the challenges of unpiggable pipelines.«

Martin Varga | INTEG

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It’s for a reason that we are amongst Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Because our mission is to overcome these inspection challenges and, together with our clients, continuously improve the safety and reliability of all pipelines.