EMPIT offers a solution to manage the complexity of underground pipelines in terminals.

Many of our clients know that the buried pipeline network in high-risk areas such as oil and gas terminals presents a special challenge. In particular, the very limited space in terminals requires a very detailed knowledge of the buried installations. Due to many construction activities, it is important to have constantly updated documentation about the pipe network. The challenge here is to be able to clearly separate pipelines laid in parallel during the over-the-line survey and to deliver a result that comes close to the survey in the open trench.

Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI) was developed specifically for these challenging conditions. Whether operators want to update their pipeline documentation, digitize their underground assets, or are interested in pipeline condition, CMI can provide the information in a single inspection run. This makes it a very powerful and efficient method in terminals and areas where managing complexity is critical.

»Today, we have a client track record that clearly proves our outstanding performance inside terminals.«

Alexander Kroll | EMPIT

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