EMPIT returns to Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) as it comes back live to Berlin

Yet another year has flown by, bringing us all back together at the Europe’s leading Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) in Berlin. It is the event of the year and is something no one would want to miss, especially since this year it allowed us to see each other face to face. What a better place to reconnect with friends, partners, and colleagues for an opportunity to share the newly gained knowledge, experience, and technological advancements?

We, EMPIT, were there presenting our Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI) technology and our in house developed inspection tools. This year we decided to focus on air-based inspections and their potential to tackle the challenge of aging unpiggable infrastructure and lack of pipeline positioning information. Our Managing Director, Mark Glinka, gave a presentation “Air-Based Inspection Technique for determining pipe movement, stress and pipe depth” to specifically answer this question.  

For the time being it is estimated that 50% of world`s pipeline networks are unpiggable and located over difficult terrains with limited access and large potential for geotechnical hazards. Mark spoke of how our fully autonomous drone can fly through these areas, creating a detailed map of the pipeline while keeping track of its movement. This led him to an explanation of how pipeline mapping can provide data about mechanical stress without the use of In Line Inspection (ILI) Tools.

Since we were finally able to have a non-virtual booth at the conference, we did not want to miss the opportunity and decided to step up our game. And it wasn’t a metaphor, we literally created a game, a small underground pipeline with a miniature drone. This simulation allowed the visitors to step into the shoes of our field crew and experience what they see while inspecting the future with the aid of augmented reality glasses. This game became a great practical representation of the technology, allowing visitors to gain a better grasp on the technology.

This small game stole the show and became the center of attention, bringing together all the participants of the conference. It was an icebreaker that made people connect in the most seamless way as they started their conversations with a good laugh before going into discussions about their newly acquired knowledge and experience. The game was so good that even the Minister of Energy stopped by to challenge the score board.

We want to thank everyone for coming by, playing the game, making new connections, and enjoying all the conversations.  We are looking forward to seeing you over the course of this year!

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It’s for a reason that we are amongst Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Because our mission is to overcome these inspection challenges and, together with our clients, continuously improve the safety and reliability of all pipelines.