PRCI 2024 Research Exchange (REX 2024)

The PRCI Research Exchange is a global association of energy companies dedictated to research and development in the field of pipelines.

Its primary focus is on enhancing the safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability of pipeline systems. PRCI promotes the exchange of knowledge, evaluates new technologies, and develops best practices to address the challenges faced by the pipeline industry.

This event aims to advance collective efforts in innovating for the security of our energy future. Focused on collaboration during a pivotal moment for the pipeline industry, the conference addresses unprecedented challenges as governments and communities scrutinize fossil fuels.

As the industry faces the need to reduce emissions and transition to emerging fuels, the Research Exchange emphasizes integrity and adaptability as guiding principles.

Far more than a typical conference, this event is a testament to the commitment of engineers and researchers globally, working tirelessly to fortify the sustainability of energy infrastructure. The gathering celebrates the creative spirit driving these endeavors and unites a global community of technical practitioners.

The participation of EMPIT GmbH in the Research Exchange Meeting provides a platform to showcase insights into its innovative technologies, share research findings, and engage with other global stakeholders in the pipeline industry. Through its involvement, EMPIT GmbH can not only underscore its commitment to the safety and efficiency of energy infrastructure but also contribute to shaping the industry's future through collaboration and innovation.

Visit us at booth 6 and engage with our experts to explore how EMPIT contributes to addressing the challenges faced by the pipeline sector. We look forward to discussing how our expertise can contribute to shaping the future of the industry through collaboration and cutting-edge innovations.

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It’s for a reason that we are amongst Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Because our mission is to overcome these inspection challenges and, together with our clients, continuously improve the safety and reliability of all pipelines.