35th International Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference

The Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management (PPIM) Conference is a leading event in the pipeline industry that focuses on the latest technologies and practices for pigging and integrity management of pipelines. The conference covers a range of topics related to pipeline integrity, including:

  • Pigging technologies: The latest advancements in pigging technology and techniques for cleaning, inspecting, and measuring pipelines.
  • Corrosion management: Strategies and best practices for managing corrosion in pipelines, including corrosion monitoring and control, corrosion inhibitors, and cathodic protection.
  • Inline inspection: The use of inline inspection tools and techniques, such as smart pigs and other devices, to assess the condition of pipelines.
  • Above ground inspections: Non-contact pipeline suveying and inspections without interupions to their day-to-day business
  • Data analysis: Techniques for analyzing pipeline data and using it to make informed decisions about pipeline integrity, including risk assessment and predictive maintenance.
  • Risk assessment: Approaches for assessing and managing risks associated with pipelines, including risk modeling and risk-based inspections

For the second time EMPIT participates as exhibitor at PPIM and we are happy to see old an new faces. Let´s talk about how we can help you with your pipeline. Do you want to know more about the integrity or pipe depth? Than visit us at booth 414. We have plenty of other services to offer, the best way to discover all opportunities is to talk to our experts.

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It’s for a reason that we are amongst Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Because our mission is to overcome these inspection challenges and, together with our clients, continuously improve the safety and reliability of all pipelines.