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A "piggable pipeline" is a pipeline design that allows for the use of a tool known as a "smart pig."

A smart pig is a specialized inspection tool that travels through the interior of the pipeline to perform various inspections and maintenance tasks. The design of a piggable pipeline includes certain features that allow the pig to move through the pipeline without becoming stuck.

For example, the pipeline must have smooth and uniform inner walls, with no sharp turns or abrupt changes in diameter. In addition, the pipeline must be free of any obstructions or buildup of material that could block the pig's progress. The pipeline must also be equipped with pig launching and receiving facilities at either end of the pipeline.

Smart pigs are used for a variety of purposes, including inspecting the walls of the pipeline for corrosion, cracks, or other types of damage; cleaning the interior of the pipeline to remove any buildups of debris; and measuring the thickness of the pipeline walls to determine the remaining life of the pipeline. The use of smart pigs can greatly reduce the amount of time and resources required to maintain a pipeline, as it eliminates the need for manual inspections or the shutdown of the pipeline for maintenance.

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