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NACE International is a professional organization and standards development body that provides technical and educational resources for corrosion prevention and control.

NACE stands for National Association of Corrosion Engineers, which was established in 1943 to address the growing concern about corrosion in various industries and its impact on materials, equipment, and infrastructure.

NACE International is a globally recognized authority on corrosion and offers a variety of technical resources, training courses, and certification programs for professionals in the corrosion industry. The organization also develops and publishes industry standards, such as NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, which provides guidelines for the selection and use of materials in oil and gas production environments with a focus on corrosion prevention.

In addition to its technical resources, NACE also provides educational programs and events, including conferences, workshops, and training courses, to help professionals in the industry stay informed about the latest developments in corrosion science and technology. Overall, NACE International is a valuable resource for professionals working in the corrosion industry and helps ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of materials, equipment, and infrastructure in the presence of corrosive environments.

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