EMPIT rewarded from major operators

The EMPIT Pathfinder App helps operators to virtualize complex pipeline data, especially GIS-data.

With every final report, our clients receive access to an individual, fully interactive Web-app, which is tailored to their personal needs.

The app makes handling of big data sets significantly easier, more intuitive, and flexible, as you receive instant feedback on the integrated interactive map. Thus, unnecessary and time-consuming data-handling is not needed, and more important, actions to protect your asset can be taken immediately.

Used in the field on a mobile device, it shows the real time position of the operator and can be used as a highly efficient pipeline locator.

If you want state-of-the-art virtual assistance to plan and prioritize your next steps on your unpiggable pipeline network, contact our team for more information and demo purposes and learn how to digitalize your unpiggable pipelines.

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Top 100 innovators of germany

It’s for a reason that we are amongst Germany’s Top 100 innovators. Because our mission is to overcome these inspection challenges and, together with our clients, continuously improve the safety and reliability of all pipelines.