Introducing the world's most precise mapping equipment - The Current Mapper 2.0

In this article, we are presenting the newest generation of handheld CMI tool - Current Mapper 2.0. We are delighted to talk about key advantages and design changes directed to further enhance data quality and operational productivity.

What is new?

  • Fully AI-driven | To ensure that pipeline data collected in the field is of required quality for further data analysis and reporting at the highest standards, the new generation has a real time fully AI-driven pipeline detection and mapping system on board.
  • Augmented reality | The new generation uses augmented reality glasses to project the pipeline into the system operator's field of view. Not only is this revolutionary for the pipeline industry, but it also provides increased productivity on site, ensuring that CMI-operators are safe while walking the pipeline.
  • Rugged design | The new design makes the Current Mapper 2.0 now fully waterproof. It has been developed for conditions between -20 and +40 degrees Celsius. This ensures high data quality even under the harshest conditions, anywhere in the world.

What can you do with handheld CMI?

  • New standard for pipeline depth surveys | The CMI handheld system enables pipeline operators to obtain seamless pipeline depth data with a maximum measurement error of 20 mm. Pipelines can be measured up to a pipe depth of 10 meters.
  • New standard for pipeline mapping | Digitizing pipelines from the earth's surface has never been so easy and at the same time so precise. Capturing up to 10 km of pipeline per day and archiving a maximum measurement error of 40 mm in the absolute pipeline position - is that even possible? Yes, with the new generation of the Current Mapper.
  • New standard for monitoring pipeline movement and bending strain analysis | The new generation of the CMI Current Mapper evaluates the pipeline geometry with a measuring grid of 1 cm. This means that there is data for every 1 cm of steel and bends can be detected with a maximum measurement error of 0.1°. This enables the determination of the smallest pipe movements and leads to a bending strain analysis that cannot be archived with a standard ILI such as a caliper gauge/geometry pig.

Has the new generation been proven successful?

The second generation of the Current Mapper has been developed and field-tested together with several European pipeline operators. Demands of the operators are getting higher and it was not easy to meet them. In particular, the very high resolution in determining the abolute position of the pipeline has presented EMPIT with a great challenge. Thanks to a great development team, several verifications in the field and the excessive comparison with known XYZ data from recently laid pipelines, we have proven that CMI can do what a normal surveyor can only do at the open pipe trench. We can now digitize pipelines from the ground surface with unprecedented accuracy. As a result, EMPIT has developed the most accurate surveying tool in the world by specification.

You can't believe that?

Find out, we are not exaggerating.

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