EMPIT's Groundbreaking Collaboration in Corrosion Assessment

Empowering the Future of Pipeline Integrity: EMPIT's Groundbreaking Collaboration in Corrosion Assessment

A New Era in Pipeline Safety with Cutting-Edge CMI Technology


Berlin, Germany: EMPIT, a pioneer in advanced pipeline inspection technologies, proudly announces its leading role in a landmark research project. This venture, a testament to EMPIT's commitment to innovation, brings together Germany's elite pipeline operators. The project, receiving partial funding from DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches), heralds a new chapter in pipeline safety and integrity.

Uniting Industry Leaders

Key Collaboration: EMPIT's expertise in non-invasive pipeline inspection is now aligned with top industry players: OGE, Westnetz GmbH, Swissgas, Schweizerische Aktiengesellschaft, Thyssengas, SGK, and GASCADE Gastransport GmbH. This powerful alliance is set to redefine industry standards and drive technological advancements.

Our Mission: Revolutionizing Corrosion Assessment

Innovative Approach: The project's core objective is to rigorously evaluate EMPIT's #CMI technology against conventional methods like DCVG and CIPS. The focus is on enhancing corrosion assessment and ensuring coating integrity – critical factors for pipeline security.

Why This Matters: With recent studies highlighting the superiority of CMI over traditional over-the-line methods, EMPIT is not just boosting safety but also reshaping the capabilities in pipeline diagnostics. The goal is to elevate pipeline integrity to unparalleled heights.

The CMI Advantage: A Game-Changer in Pipeline Security

Enhanced Safety and Security: CMI technology, known for its precision and non-invasive nature, offers substantial benefits for pipeline operators. It symbolizes EMPIT's dedication to ensuring the utmost safety in pipeline operations.

Beyond Traditional Techniques: CMI's advanced approach surpasses existing methods in detecting and monitoring pipeline integrity, signifying a leap forward in the industry.

Looking Ahead: A Safer, More Innovative Future

Commitment to Progress: EMPIT remains at the forefront of #DeepTech and #Innovation. This collaboration is more than just a project; it's a movement towards a safer and more advanced future in pipeline operations.

Join Our Journey: Stay updated on our progress as we continue #ChangingTheGame and #MovingForward. Together, we are shaping the future of pipeline safety and integrity.

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Leading the Charge in Deep Tech: EMPIT's involvement in this significant research project underlines our position as a leader in the industry. We are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed industry expectations for safety and reliability.

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