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Are EMPIT’s services internationally available?

Yes, EMPIT operates globally, offering its advanced pipeline inspection technologies to clients around the world.

Can EMPIT detect leaks in pipelines?

Yes, EMPIT offers leak detection services as part of its comprehensive inspection solutions, enabling operators to find and address leaks efficiently.

Can EMPIT inspect all types of pipelines?

Yes, EMPIT can inspect all types of buried pipelines made of ferromagnetic material, regardless of the transported product, with some service limitations determined on a case-by-case basis.

Can EMPIT’s services save time and money for pipeline operators?

Yes, by combining all inspection services in one run and offering non-invasive, efficient solutions, EMPIT can significantly reduce operational interruptions and costs associated with traditional inspection methods.

How does EMPIT contribute to pipeline safety?

EMPIT enhances pipeline safety by offering detailed inspections that help prevent leaks, spills, and other safety hazards through early detection of corrosion, coating defects, and other issues.

How does EMPIT ensure the accuracy of its inspection data?

EMPIT ensures the accuracy of its inspection data through the use of advanced electromagnetic techniques, high-tech measurement equipment, and AI-driven data interpretation.

How does EMPIT’s corrosion detection work?

EMPIT’s corrosion detection technology accurately identifies active corrosion defects on pipelines, advancing External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) and ensuring asset safety.

How does EMPIT’s drone technology enhance pipeline inspection?

EMPIT’s third-generation CMI drones offer superior stability, prolonged flight durations, customizable modular sensor bars, robust and refined design, enhanced speed, and payload, significantly improving inspection efficiency and safety.

How does EMPIT’s technology integrate with existing pipeline integrity management programs?

EMPIT’s technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing pipeline integrity management programs to enhance safety, reliability, and efficiency through comprehensive diagnostics and real-time data.

What applications does CCM have beyond pipeline inspection?

CCM is used for corrosion detection, pipeline integrity management, pipeline construction quality assurance, and can be applied in other industries requiring pipeline inspection.

What are the advantages of using CCM for pipeline inspection?

Advantages include high accuracy, the ability to detect a wide range of coating defects, non-destructive nature, and efficiency without the need for excavation or direct contact with the pipeline.

What are the key benefits of using CMI for pipeline inspection?

The key benefits include preventing pipeline incidents, non-invasive inspections, cost-effectiveness, reliability, uniqueness in the world, and the ability to overcome limitations of modern Inline Inspection tools.

What are the limitations for clients using EMPIT’s services?

Key limitations include a maximum daily productivity of 10,000 m, a minimum threshold for corrosion defect size greater than 1 mm³, and a maximum pipeline depth of 7 m for standard equipment, among other preparation requirements.

What industries benefit from EMPIT’s services?

EMPIT serves multiple industries, including oil and gas, water, energy terminals, nuclear power plants, and hydrogen transportation.

What is Current Coating Magnetometry (CCM)?

CCM is an advanced inspection technique developed by EMPIT to detect coating defects in buried pipelines using a magnetic field measured from above ground.

What is Current Magnetometry Inspection (CMI)?

CMI is EMPIT’s pioneering above-ground inspection solution designed to inspect and map underground buried pipelines without the need for soil removal, minimizing operational disruptions.

What is EMPIT?

EMPIT is a leading company in the pipeline inspection industry, revolutionizing buried pipeline inspection with non-invasive, above-ground solutions using advanced magnetic surveying technology.

What is the inspection preparation process like with EMPIT?

The inspection preparation involves gathering detailed information about the pipeline, planning the inspection route, conducting safety reviews, and ensuring all necessary equipment and permissions are in place.

What is the role of AI in EMPIT’s inspection processes?

AI plays a crucial role in EMPIT’s inspection processes by enabling advanced data interpretation and analysis, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in detecting anomalies and defects.

What makes EMPIT’s technology unique?

EMPIT’s technology is unique due to its non-invasive, above-ground inspection capabilities, allowing for the inspection of unpiggable pipelines and providing advanced solutions for challenging diagnostics.

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